1.8.1 (17-10-2019)
HOTFIX: Barcode scanner field – on some devices the app was crashing when the code was scanned.
FIX: Custom GNSS antenna height was not exported properly when integer was used as the value e.g. 2 instead of 2.00

1.8.0 (07-10-2019)
ADD: Area and Length fields and their units added to exported files for polygon and polylines.
FIX: Fixed issue with WMS containing maps parameter
FIX: For external GNSS connected via Bluetooth or TCP – speed was not available.

1.7.3 (28-08-2019)
HOTFIX: Fixed issue with tracking for SxBlue Devices when connected via SxBlue Toolbox.

1.7.1 (12-08-2019)
FIX: Track recording was not working as expected for external GNSS (Bluetooth or TCP Connection)
FIX: For external GNSS constellation type of the satellites was always set to GPS

1.7.0 (17-07-2019)
ADD: Option to enable CREATE_DATE and UPDATE_DATE field for layer. To enable please edit your layer and switch on the option. When enabled the fields are automatically populated when record is created or updated. Users cannot update these fields manually.
CHANGE: Possibility to set 0 in track recording intervals. When 0 is selected the tracking interval is not limited and should record all available positions from the GPS device.
FIX: Few minor bugs removed.

1.6.5 (19-05-2019)
ADD: Possibility to include X,Y,Z for projected layers or Lat, Lon Alt for POINT layers as separate fields(columns) in exported files or PostgreSQL database.
ADD: Added dedicated switch for SxBlue GNSS allowing to use the position from SxBlue Toolbox application.
ADD: Added credits section in the Settings.
CHANGE: Updated Dutch translation.
FIX: Minor bugs removed.

1.5.5 (29-04-2019)
FIX: Antenna height was not properly applied.

1.5.0 (07-04-2019)
ADD: Application is now compatible with Mapit NTRIP Client.
ADD: Added EULA on first start of the app.
ADD: Possibility to remove geopackage in the application using “selected geopackage” context menu.
FIX: Display of speed and height on the map was not working as expected.
FIX: Display of accuracy and GPS quality on the map was not working as expected.

1.4.0 (10-03-2019)
ADD: Project Point method for adding points and vertices – can be enabled in Survey Settings
ADD: Keep Screen On in General Settings
ADD: Miscellaneous Settings – Option to export SHP file as 2D geometry
ADD: Support for $PNVGSDP – NMEA message containing RMS information for NVS devices e.g. NV08C-RTK
ADD: Map Coordinates – on click are now copied to clipboard
CHANGE: Improved Polish Translation

1.3.7 (05-03-2019)
HOTFIX: SHP files import facility was affected by the last update – now fixed.
FIX: Default value was not populated for fields linked with “Barcode” scanner.
FIX: Minor improvements in Polish translation of the app.

1.3.5 (01-03-2019)
ADD: KML – Import/Export
ADD: CSV – Import/Export (Import only for POINT data containing lat,lon fields)
ADD: GPX – Import/Export
ADD: DXF – Export
ADD: Point features can now be dragged to new location – this can be disabled in Miscellaneous Settings
ADD: Information about Area and Perimeter or Length is displayed on ‘Edit Feature’ screen.
CHANGE: Geopackage can now be shared to FTP/SFTP
FIX: WMS without service description could not be added
FIX: Other minor bug fixes and improvements

1.3.2 (21-02-2019)
HOTFIX: There were few bugs related to features editing introduced by the last update – now fixed.

1.2.5 (20-02-2019)
ADD: Dutch translation
ADD: Export to KML and CSV
ADD: Possibility to set initial feature’s ID
CHANGE: Improvements in geometry editing (multipart geometries)
CHANGE: Increased range for time and distance for tracking settings
FIX: Some WMS were not properly displayed
FIX: First feature name was set as 0 – now 1
FIX: Other minor bug fixes

1.2.0 (08-02-2019)
: Data Export/Import to FTP/SFTP
ADD: Direct Export to PostgreSQL (create/append) table.
ADD: Attribute Set Export/Import FTP/SFTP and Dropbox
ADD: Possibility to edit Point features coordinates
ADD: Option to Add attachment of type Audio ADD: French translation

1.1.1 (30-01-2019)
ADD: Spanish Translation for the app.
ADD: German Translation for the app.
ADD: Possibility to add attachments (Picture, Video) when adding/editing the map feature properties.
ADD: Option to set default prefix for new feature name in Miscellaneous Settings. Field called “name” must exist in layer table. The numbering will be automatically incremented for new features.

1.0.8 (17-01-2019)
ADD: Possibility to remove layer’s field.
ADD: Possibility to enable Geoid Height correction in Survey Settings using local or custom geoid grids.
CHANGE: Improved export to shapefile – now the field types will match the field types of geopackage layer.

1.0.7 (13-01-2019)
ADD: Possibility to export GNSS Stats like DOP, RMS, Accuracy, Satellites count etc. for POINT features – please enable this option in Survey Settings.
CHANGE: Better handling for feature selection – now the popup for lines and polygons is displayed in the place where the map got clicked.
FIX: Geojson import – some files were not properly mapped to internal Mapit object.
FIX: When layer was saved as not selectable, the status was reset on the next ‘Edit Layer’ operation.

1.0.6 (11-01-2019)
CHANGE: Better handling of required fields. If the field is defined as required (NOT NULL) in the database – the value must be provided on the Add/Edit feature form – otherwise it cannot be saved.
CHANGE: Import from shapefile and geojson – faster import for large datasets.

1.0.5 (10-01-2019)
ADD: Possibility to zoom to active or visible layer.
ADD: Possibility to rebuild spatial index for selected layer – please use this function if “zoom to layer” does not zoom to proper extent.
CHANGE: Improved (faster) import from shapefile and geojson.
FIX: Selected basemap was not remembered when “edit session” was started for line or polygon and user swapped between the application screens.

1.0.4 (09-01-2019)
ADD: Possibility to share geopackage from the application level.
ADD: Possibility to share exported Attribute Set.
CHANGE: Improved selection of lines and polygons on the map.
CHANGE: Map is now centered to selected point feature.

1.0.3 (09-01-2019)
ADD: Import/Export Attribute Set
ADD: Polish Translation for application
FIX: Drawing points with labels – anchor shift was incorrect.
FIX: Selected map type was not remembered when switching between screens.

1.0.2 (08-01-2019)
ADD: As default all layers are set as selectable. Users can change this now on ‘Edit Layer’ screen so some layers can be excluded from selection. This is useful if you want for example use a layer only as the context map for the proper survey.

1.0.0 (06-01-2019)
Initial release of Mapit Spatial – geopackage manager application. Current version of the app contains around 75% of Mapit GIS functionality and we are aiming to include most of the current functionality by Q3 of 2019. We are looking forward for constructive feedback.