The user guide in a PDF format is now available. Please note – this is first version of the guide and it will be improved and extended in some areas in the future releases of this document.

Please use the link below to open the PDF guide.

Useful articles:

Below you can find also short mini video guides which are dedicated to particular tasks within the app.

How to prepare a simple survey – Attribute Sets allow user to define predefined lists of values or create field of type “barcode”. List of values are then converted to the drop-down list or multi selection list on the “Add/Edit Feature” screen.
Attributes can be organised in attribute sets. They are defined once and can be used by multiple layers and fields, allowing you to pick predefined values from the drop-down lists. Each attribute set should contain one or more attribute set fields. Also each field must contain some values unless the field is a type of “barcode”. please see the video below to better understand how the link between the layer’s field and attribute set field works.

If you need to include field of type “date” or “date-time” – just add the field of that type to the layer. Similarly if you want to have simple “Yes/No” drop-down list on the entry form – please add field of type Boolean to the layer.