Mapit Spatial is capable of exporting the data directly to PostgreSQL database. The remote database must have PostGIS extension installed and username used must have necessary permissions to create/update spatial tables.

There are 3 easy steps to get the export set on the device:

1. Set the database connection in Mapit Settings->Remote Connections section. The required parameters to create the connection are host IP or valid domain, port, username, password and database name. You should be able to connect to the database using the above parameters in software like qGIS to test if the database is set properly.

2. After selecting the layer in ‘Geopackages->Layers’ section please chose ‘Export’ from the context menu and select ‘Export to PostgreSQL’ option on the list.

3. In the next step you can select from two available options shown on the picture below:

Following successful export you should be able to see the message similar to the one on the picture below:

After the data is exported to the database you can access it’s records immediately from any software capable of connecting to PostgreSQL like qGIS:

You can also explore and access the data in PgAdmin: